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Redrew an old pic. It’s nice to improve.

Tarzan AU, In which Jade plays the role of Tarzan, and Rose.


so this like 100 notes in under fifteen minutes. which has happened before but

this is an older post??? like i did this drawing almost a month ago.

i cant sleep because skylers not here and theres a storm. i hate this.

my depression is getting bad too, and im driving away everyone that cares about me.

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I dont know about other people

But if you’re not comfortable with roleplaying smut with someone under age, alright? Thats fine, Im going to respect that.

I see more people being dicks to underage roleplayers then I do the opposite though.

Like, if you dont want to rp with anyone under 18, fine, alright, but there might be someone else under 18 that wants to rp smut with the other under 18 roleplayer. 

98% of the time, its someone yelling at someone who’s underage. Leave them alone if you’re not comfortable, and 98% there isnt a reason for the comments against it.

its illegal for minors to rp smut, as it’s contained on a website thats maintained and owned by adults.


"can men and women really be just friends??" straight people are so weird




This is a sea otter with hiccups.  

You’re welcome.


This would probably be funnier if that were actually a goddamn sea otter.


moms be like


u gonna ask me out now or later








Unnecessary “fillers” in our speech. I’d rather have “like” than up-talking, though (if we had to choose one, that is). Ewwww, up-talking. Then again, a combination of the two would render me homicidal maniac.

Like, did you ever notice? That, like, the speech patterns people, like, think are stupid?  Are, like, commonly associated with, like, women?

And, like, there’s this thing? Where, like, women aren’t supposed to be, like, assertive? So they, like, qualify their speech? Because, like, we’re not supposed to, like, stand by our opinions?

1) humiliate women so they don’t feel qualified to speak authoritatively about anything

2) humiliate women for speaking in such a way that reflects how you treat her

3) laugh, you are superior because you don’t use words like “like.”  It isn’t as if being a huge stupid asshole has ever made you worse than a woman who speaks with verbal tics.  

The nail. It is hit on the head.

Also ‘like’ is a very clever way to refer to something. ‘They said’ is much more forceful and implies accuracy whereas ‘they were like’ ‘it was like’ ‘i was like’ allows you some leeway in the interpretation.